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                         is a virtual exhibition platform bringing augmented reality (AR) artworks into the public space.

** Now showing Florian Adolph's Paper and Stele in front of the Kunstverein Familie Montez in Frankfurt. Tablets for viewing the works are available on site. A link to App Store and Google Play to download the WAVA app will be made available here soon **

The works of Viviana Abelson and Shaun Motsi are still on view at the Nizaa Garden. Frankfurt, through the soon to be available WAVA app

Today, every public space is simultaneously an augmented space. Virtual layering of data expands the physical space and brings forth new realms of possibilities. We wish to make this in-between space accessible for artistic interventions by anchoring virtual artworks to specific locations, channeling the ephemeral presence of an interruption or a glitch.


Fostering site-specificity and thinking with curatorial dispositions, WAVA aspires to open up the augmented layer to the public and artists alike, serving as a nomadic framework for virtual and physical communal gatherings across different cities and places.

WAVA is developed by Ben Livne-Weitzman, David Bachmann, Florian Adolph, and Grit Bradshaw.

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