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                  is an app-based exhibition platform bringing virtual artworks into the physical public space.










An exhibition of site-specific virtual artworks along the Gallusanlage in Frankfurt am Main.

Participating artists:

Tanya V. Abelson, Benedikt Ackermann, Florian Adolph, Alex Chalmers, Shaun Motsi, and Kristin Reiman.

This exhibition is made possible through the support of the Dezernat Kultur und Wissenschaft, Crespo Foundation, and the program Kulturerwachen. Frankfurt 2022.

In the press: 


Monopol Magazin / "AR-Kunst in Frankfurt - Virtuelle Stadt für alle"

Schirn Mag / Augmented Reality im Herzen Frankfurts


PASSE-AVANT / Open Worlds: Elena Frickmann in conversation with Ben Livne Weitzman


Today, every public space is simultaneously an augmented space. Virtual layering of data expands the physical space and brings forth new realms of possibilities. We wish to make this in-between space accessible for artistic interventions by anchoring virtual artworks to specific locations, channeling the ephemeral presence of an interruption or a glitch.


Fostering site-specificity and thinking with curatorial dispositions, WAVA aspires to open up the augmented layer to the public and artists alike, serving as a nomadic framework for virtual and physical communal gatherings across different cities and places.


WAVA—Withstanding Audio Visual Augmentations—is an emerging platform for site-specific augmented reality turning the world into an ever-changing exhibition space, developed by Ben Livne Weitzman, David Bachmann, Florian Adolph, and Grit Medea. With WAVA, artists, curators, institutions, and the broad public can easily place, share, and experience virtual artworks in specific sites and contexts, envisioning a new hybrid space that bridges the physical and virtual. 

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🡇 Click below for current show "DEMO-" 🡇

🡇 Click below for current show "The ANLAGE" 🡇

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