Ben showing the WAVA App
An artwork placed inside the WAVA app using AR technology
An artwork placed inside the WAVA app using AR technology
WAVA AR Artwork Whose Bones?.
An artwork placed inside the WAVA app using AR technology
The WAVA AR app in use at the Paulskirche in Frankfurt am Main

About WAVA

About WAVA

About WAVA

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Who we are

WAVA gGmbH, is a non-profit app-based exhibition platform, that strives to democratize augmented spaces. From large cultural institutions to smaller-scale projects, WAVA facilitates diverse exhibitors in realizing augmented exhibitions globally. Using GPS localization technology, the platform allows placement of digital artworks in site- and context-specific locations without on-ground infrastructure. Each exhibition supports WAVA's infrastructure, aspiring to lower the access bar for both creatives and viewers.

Where we come from

Developed by a small group of artists and curators based in Frankfurt, Germany – Ben Livne Weitzman, David Bachmann, Florian Adolph, and Grit Medea – WAVA currently hosts two exhibitions in the city's public space. The most recent one, DEMO-, features virtual artworks by internationally renowned and diverse artists, commemorating the 175th jubilee of the first national assembly in Germany and exploring the intersection of physical and augmented spaces, using virtual interventions to redefine public spaces for creative and political expression.

WAVA originates from the use of projectors in political demonstrations and Ben's master thesis on virtual interventions in public space. The platform aims to establish an infrastructure for creating and experiencing virtual interventions. Emphasizing the importance of public spaces for political discourse, WAVA facilitates communal experiences of on-site virtual interventions, offering new perspectives on space conception and activation.

Where we are heading

WAVA empowers global creators by minimizing financial and environmental costs in comparison to traditional art exhibitions. Artists can effortlessly turn local streets into accessible exhibition spaces through a few clicks, and access innovative monetization possibilities for sustainable livelihoods (sales, editions, etc.). The platform enables cities, art institutions, and events to extend displays into public spaces. Addressing global disparities in cultural institutions, WAVA empowers creators worldwide to queer their public space and exhibit practically anywhere. Advocating for environmental sustainability, the platform counters the carbon footprint associated with traditional art practices. WAVA actively supports underrepresented groups, challenging systemic inequalities and envisioning a more equitable future. The envisioned horizon for WAVA is one of accessibility, empowerment, and sustainability, inviting collaborative efforts to bring this vision to life.

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